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Trevor Riccioli

Trevor Ricioli was born and raised in South Lake Tahoe, California. He started skiing at age 5 complete with rear-entry boots and a one-piece suit. Ricioli attributes his ski racing ability to his love for terrain, jumping, skiing with friends, and his love for motocross.

WHY SKI CROSS: My favorite aspect about Ski Cross is the amazing feeling of creating so much speed and airtime by simply standing on your own two feet! The best course I have ever skied would have to be X Games 2011. The course really tested your rhythm, skiing ability and your mind. Not to mention, the jumps were insane and every time I crossed the finish line I was high on adrenaline.

OFF THE SNOW: I am a very diverse person. I like to dabble in a lot of projects and try things I have never done before. I really enjoy music, traveling, photography, everything vintage, testing myself and meeting new people or being around people who inspire me. Through sports I have learned a lot about myself: How hard I can push myself, when and where to back off and mostly how to deal with stress and nerves. In the summer I train and compete in motocross in the California and Nevada region. I also enjoy DH mountain biking, wake surfing and yoga.

Member of the US Ski Cross Team 2011-2012
Ranked 2nd FIS in the Nation 2011
World Championships 2011 Deer Valley, Utah
World Cup Tour 2011
X Games 2011 Rookie year placing 16th in Aspen, Colorado
Hole Shot Tour 2011
2nd place and 3rd place finish at Mt Hood
2nd place finish at Alpine Meadows
USASA Nationals 4 time Champion 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008
Jeep King of the Mountain Series 2007-2008
Qualified for all events: Telluride, Squaw, and Sun Valley
9th place finish at Sun Valley, Idaho

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